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Sony Alpha 6700 Video Recording Limits

Sony Alpha 6700 (α6700, a6700, ILCE-6700)

The Sony Alpha 6700 has a maximum video recording time of 13 hours for all formats. That limit is dependent upon multiple factors like camera settings, media storage size, camera power, and internal camera temperature. See details and notes below for more information.


Maximum continuous video recording times for the Sony Alpha 6700
Format Limit

1Duration is approximate and is a product specification limit.

All Formats & Frame Rates 13 hours1

CAUTION: From our experiences and testing, the Sony Alpha 5000 and 6000 series cameras are notorious for overheating during movie recording, especially in higher quality settings like 4K or S&Q. If you need assurance that the camera will not overheat during longer recording times, we highly recommend choosing another camera.


  • [Auto Power OFF Temp.] must be set to [High] to achieve continuous recording in most formats.
  • The duration of time available for movie recording varies depending on the file format/recording settings for movies, memory card, ambient temperature, Wi-Fi network environment, condition of the camera before you start recording, and condition of the charging of the battery.
  • High-quality movie recording and high-speed continuous shooting require large amounts of power. Therefore, if you continue to shoot, the temperature inside the camera will rise, especially that of the image sensor. In such cases, the camera will turn off automatically because the surface of the camera is heated to a high temperature or the high temperature affects the quality of the images or the internal mechanism of the camera.
  • Using SD/SDHC cards: The card will be formatted in FAT32. If the file size exceeds 4GB, a new file will be created automatically.
  • Using SDXC cards: The card will be formatted in exFAT. Even if the file size exceeds 4GB during recording, the movie will be saved as a single file.
  • Alternate Model Names: α6700, a6700, ILCE-6700


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