Canon PowerShot ZOOM Video Recording Limits

Canon PowerShot ZOOM

The Canon PowerShot ZOOM has a maximum video recording time of 10 minutes for all formats. That limit is dependent upon multiple factors like camera settings, media storage size, camera power, and internal camera temperature. See details and notes below for more information.


Maximum continuous video recording times for the Canon PowerShot ZOOM
Format Limit
All Formats & Frame Rates 10 minutes


  • If the recording time reaches 9 minutes, 59 seconds, recording will stop automatically. You can start recording a movie again by pressing the Movie recording button (which records the movie as a new file).
  • An increase of the camera’s internal temperature may cause recording to stop before the maximum recording time is reached.


  1. Canon PowerShot ZOOM Online Advanced User Guide (Shooting and Recording > Movie Recording Size > Movie Recording Time Limit)