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Canon EOS R3 Video Recording Limits

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The Canon EOS R3 has no video recording limit, but only for some formats. That limit is also dependent upon multiple factors like camera settings, media storage size, camera power, and internal camera temperature. See details and notes below for more information.


Maximum continuous video recording times for the Canon EOS R3
Format Limit

1If the recording time reaches 89 minutes, 29 seconds, recording will stop automatically.

Normal Frame Rates (59.94 fps or less) Unlimited
High Frame Rates (119.9 or 100 fps) 89 minutes, 30 seconds1

Important Details Regarding Camera Temperatures During Video Recording

Temperature plays a major role in the actual recording times for the Canon EOS R3. Below is a list of estimated shooting times when the rise of internal camera temperature is taken into consideration.

Estimated shooting times for the Canon EOS R3 according to an increase in the internal camera temperature
Format Limit

1Confirmed with a 325GB card based on Canon’s testing standard. The maximum duration of shooting may be shorter under some circumstances even if recording begins from a "cold start", due to a rise in temperature inside the camera caused by pre-shooting camera setting operations or by prolonged use of the Live View mode. When the card is full, movie recording stops automatically. In this case, duration time when you erase the data and restart shooting.

2When set to "Auto pwr off temp.: High", the card can get very hot and may even cause burns when being removed from the card slot.

3Durations of shooting may not change between the Auto Power Off Temperature [Standard] and [High] settings, depending on types of cards used.

6K 60p RAW (Auto pwr off temp.: Standard) 25 minutes1
6K 60p RAW (Auto pwr off temp.: High) 60 minutes or more1,2,3
4K 120p ALL-I 12 minutes1,3
4K 60p RAW (6K Oversampling) ALL-I 60 minutes or more1,3
4K 30p RAW (6K Oversampling) ALL-I Not limited by heat


  • The following formats cannot be recorded to SD cards: RAW movies (6K RAW), 4K 119.9/100 fps (High Frame Rate movies), and 4K 59.94/50 fps All-I
  • Using CFexpress and SDXC cards: The card will be formatted in exFAT. Even if the file size exceeds 4GB during recording, the movie will be saved as a single file.
  • Using SD/SDHC cards: The card will be formatted in FAT32. If the file size exceeds 4GB, recording will continue and a new file will be created automatically.
  • A list of supported CFexpress cards is available in the Canon EOS R3 Supplemental Information > Verified Memory Cards (CFexpress Cards)
  • An increase of the camera’s internal temperature may cause recording to stop before the maximum recording time is reached.


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